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AGCO Focuses on Protecting the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, AGCO ANZ has outlined a response in order to protect the welfare and livelihood of its customers, employees and the community.

To start with, AGCO's response focuses around the agricultural industry. "Farming is a vital industry the world over, especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand that are net exporters of agricultural products," explains Warwick McCormick, Vice President and Managing Director, AGCO ANZ and Far East. "During these unprecedented times where much of the economy is in a state of flux, agriculture is an industry that will need to keep producing to ensure that not only our home countries, but those who rely on us for imports of food products experience minimal disruption. For us, that means keeping production running as long as possible and keeping inventory open and accessible so farmers across the country have the tools they need to keep working," McCormick adds further.

AGCO will continue to work closely with its dealer network to ensure they provide support across all facets of the business including the critical after sales functions of parts and technical support. "While these may be uncertain times, we will continue to be a reliable partner as our dealers and farmers are more important than ever," McCormick adds.

Equally as important as maintaining the relationship with customers is the emphasis being placed on the well-being of employees and the community more broadly. "We have been diligently listening to the advice from government at both a state and federal level, as well as public health organisations to ensure that the health and well-being of our employees is protected. A key part of this is access to the free Employee Assistance Counselling Service, which is not new to AGCO but perhaps needed more in this challenging time," McCormick adds.

In addition to the advice of the public health organisations and government bodies, AGCO has proactively taken measures to further strengthen the safety of our communities. Travel restrictions have been in place over the past few months and these are continuing to be actively reviewed to reflect the situation. For those who are office based, there has been an emphasis placed on increased health safety measures such as increased cleaning procedures, promotion and increased availability of personal hygiene products such as hand sanitiser, and social distancing measures. In a majority of cases, where feasible to do so, employees are working from home for the time being and this will be reviewed on a regular basis as more information comes to hand. "While our working environment may look different for the time being, we are confident we have the technological means necessary for our employees to deliver the high standards of work and service our dealers and customers are accustomed to," McCormick adds.

"Ultimately we are all part of a global community and we feel the obligation to do our very best to ensure that we are all safe and in turn, allows for those such as farmers who need to work to be able to do so," McCormick explains. "The agricultural industry is built on the spirit of community and we never take that for granted and this is why we will do all within our power to support farmers during this time. As always, we will continue to maintain an open dialogue between us and our customers and the farming community more broadly so that we offer them a reliable support network," McCormick adds.

"While these are uncertain times, we have every confidence in our farmers, employees and communities will continue to innovate and keep doing the tasks that are needed," McCormick states. Adaptability is and will continue to be part of AGCO's response to the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure that agriculture can continue to operate and return to usual practice as soon as permissible.