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Chattel Mortgage (Australia)

Machinery Ownership with Tailored Repayments.

How does it work?

This is the most common way to finance machinery. You decide what equipment to buy, negotiate the sale with the dealer and then sign a chattel mortgage agreement to repay the capital and interest to AGCO Finance. The dealer's invoice is settled promptly by AGCO Finance and when the final instalment is paid the equipment belongs to you.

Best for

Borrowers wanting immediate ownership and the ability to build asset equity.


Ownership passes immediately to you with a mortgage (security interest) held over the equipment by AGCO finance .

Finance Amount?

Any amount up to 100%*

Finance Rate?

Fixed for the term of the loan.



Payment Schedule?

Tailored to your needs. It may be important to consider the best time of year to make repayments and AGCO Finance will be pleased to discuss the repayment profile that will best match your income.


12-66 Months

Balloon / Residual?


Generates Equity?



Payable upfront

Can I claim full instalments as tax deductions?


Can I claim depreciation and interest as tax deductions?


"We are rural people who understand your needs"

AGCO Finance Benefits

  • We are dedicated to agriculture; providing expert advice and professional service.
  • Flexible, tailored payment terms matched to your cash flow requirements.
  • Fast approval.
  • Competitive, fixed rates.
  • Easy one-shot documentation process.
  • Convenient one-stop financing at your local MF dealer.

Terms & Conditions

Full details of Finance terms and conditions will be made available upon application. Finance products are available to approved ABN holders for business purposes only. The details on this page do not constitute financial or tax advice and are for information purposes only without taking into account your individual objectives, financial situations or needs.  Neither AGCO Finance Pty Limited ACN 107 653 878 nor AGCO Finance Limited (company number 1530800) warrants the tax treatment in respect of any of the finance products offered by it.  To decide if a finance product is right for you, it is recommended that you seek the advice from a qualified advisor.