Massey Ferguson 100 - 130hp MF 5700 SL Series Introduces a New Tractor Class

Perfect for loader work and ideally suited to a wide range of field and transport duties.

Powered by the very latest AGCO Power four cylinder engines, The MF 5700 SL Series offers best in class visibility, manoeuvrability and transmission control.

With a 2.55m wheelbase and weighing just 4.8t these highly versatile tractors combine a great power to weight ratio with superb agility. They are the perfect partner for a Massey Ferguson loader and are also ideally suited to a wide range of field and transport duties.

“The MF 5700 SL Series introduces a new genre of tractors that build on the success of the MF 5600 Series. They mould together the compact dimensions required by livestock and mixed farmers with the performance and power needed for broad-acre work,” says John Horan, Product Manager. “We will still offer three models in the MF5600 Series from 85 – 105hp which will be available alongside the new MF5700 SL Series,” adds John. 

The MF 5700 SL Series also includes a new 100hp, four cylinder model, the MF 5710 that is an addition to the range, to complement the three cylinder MF 5600 tractors.

Massey Ferguson MF 5700 SL Series



MF 5710 SL

MF 5711 SL

MF 5712 SL

MF 5713 SL


Dyna 4 / Dyna 6

Dyna 4 / Dyna 6

Dyna 4 / Dyna 6

Dyna 4 / Dyna 6

Max. hp @ 2,000rpm*





MF 5700 SL Features

  • Latest, most advanced AGCO Power 4.4 litre, four cylinder engine with unique ‘All in One’ maintenance free, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with Diesel Oxidisation Catalyser (DOC).
  • Choice of renowned Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions with brake to neutral function help make light work of loader applications. 
  •  Massey Ferguson designed and built front axle suspension option. 
  •  High flow 100l/min open centre as standard with 110l/min CCLS option.
  •  New, larger colour dashboard with easy to use set-up screen. 
  •  Fastest tighter turns with Speedsteer option. 
  •  Auto-Guide 3000 steering option with latest ‘Go’ mode. 
  •  Loader ready from factory option offers a huge range of features to enhance ease of fitting, use and control.

Industry Leading design

Massey Ferguson’s pioneering introduction of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in 2008 is paying dividends for users. Taking this early lead in employing SCR has allowed engineers to continue with its elegant design to combat emissions – now meeting the strictest Stage IV/Tier 4 final requirements without having to make any compromises.

Massey Ferguson MF 5700 SL Series tractors are powered by the industry’s most advanced AGCO Power 4.4 litre, four cylinder engine, with unique ‘All in One’ SCR technology that doesn’t sacrifice power, efficiency, maintenance, ground clearance or, importantly, visibility. It is also proven to help reduce fuel consumption.

Top Transmission Choice

All the MF 5700 SL Series tractors can be specified with the choice of either the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6, efficient and user friendly transmissions. Both come with the useful brake to neutral function and the option of AutoDrive, which provides automatic changing of the four or six steps in fieldwork, as well as the ranges when in transport.

The rugged and well proven Dyna-6 transmission provides clutchless operation of six speeds in four ranges providing a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The highly efficient Dyna-4 transmission offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift speeds in four ranges. Electro-hydraulic control also provides clutchless range changes.

Superbly Equipped Loader Specialists

With their unimpeded visibility over the steep nosed bonnet, efficient high-flow hydraulics and transmission control, joystick and Visio roof options the MF 5700 SL Series tractors make supreme loader tractors.  Massey Ferguson not only supplies a wide range of loaders in its MF 900 range, the tractors can also be supplied ‘loader ready’ from the factory.
This option provides a sub-frame, dedicated pipework and mechanical or electronic joysticks to fully integrate the loader into the tractor.