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MF 7719 S Receives Machine of the Year 2019 Award at SIMA

Massey Ferguson  is proud to announce that the new 190 hp MF 7719 S has been awarded the Machine Category of the Year 2019 in the L category at SIMA 2019, marking its new footprint in the medium power tractors segment.

Francesco Quaranta Vice President Sales, Marketing and Product Management Massey Ferguson EME, expressed his great pride in receiving this important award. "This recognition marks our commitment to developing modern tractors and technologies that are easy to use and offer the best cost of use. We want to offer real benefits for our customers. I am extremely proud of the work done by all Beauvais teams, engineering, purchasing but also production, marketing and customer service. Working as a team, they all contributed to this success. ", did he declare.

The new MF 7719 S, which is the flagship of the MF 7700 S series of small chassis, exemplifies this approach of simple and efficient design, meeting the latest Stage V engine standards with an advanced gas treatment system. completely transparent exhaust for the user. Designed for the complete life of the tractor, this system requires no further changes to the tractor.

"All manufacturers have to meet these new standards," says Quaranta. "What makes the difference is how everyone achieves it. At Massey Ferguson we have chosen to design a system that does not impact the use of the tractor, while maintaining low fuel consumption and unrivaled visibility in the marketplace. "

With its excellent power-to-weight ratio and 14-tonne PTAC, the MF 7719 S is versatile and specifically designed to meet the demanding demands of farmers and contractors.

The MF 7719 S makes the difference with new specifications contributing to improved performance, like the Datatronic 5 touch screen terminal. It controls both the tractor and also provides a complete solution for precision farming with including MF Auto Guide. Listening to our customers looking for maximum traction, Massey Ferguson also introduces the option of a 20.8 R42 tire of 1.95m diameter (available from June 2019).