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MF 9505
375-460 HP

Key Features

  • Horsepower
  • Engine
    9.8 Lt AGCO Power™
  • V-Cool™ Cooling
    Self Cleaning
    Rotating Auger Spout
    Reduces Grain Loss
  • Av. Unload Rate (L/Sec)
    Fuel tank capacity
    870 Ltr


Models HP Bulge HP Unload Boost HP Fuel tank capacity Av. Unload Rate (L/Sec)
MF9545 375 431 451 870 141
MF9565 460 490 490 870 141

Fuse Technologies

Fieldstar II

FieldStar II

FieldStar II is a full featured, integrated yield monitor with the C2100 display. FieldStar II records important machine and crop data including yield, moisture content, engine load, fuel usage and sieve settings, allowing growers to use the knowledge collected at harvest to analyse and adjust tillage, fertilizer, seed rate and improve application of insecticide and herbicide treatments for future crop production.



The AgCommand telemetry system from AGCO is ideal for large businesses, contractors or anyone who needs to maintain high visibility of their machinery at all times. If you need consistent, concise information concerning your fleet then AgCommand is the perfect choice. The AgCommand app allows on-the-go access so you can monitor machinery wherever you are and whenever you want as well as use the history and report function to run analysis on the field.

Auto Guide 3000

AutoGuide 3000

Auto-Guide 3000 is a full featured, hands free steering system capable of delivering sub-metre, decimetre, and centimetre accuracy. Guidance systems are proven to offer an average of 12% in fuel savings, as well as time spent on resources, time spent in the field and much more. The Auto-Guide 3000 TopDock receiver comes factory-fitted as standard with submeter accuracy.

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