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Massey Ferguson Row Crop

Row Crop

Maximise Yield Potential

Versatile, powerful efficient tractors match perfectly with Massey Ferguson MF9000 Series precision planters. Make your planting as efficient as it can be and maximise yield.


The most comprehensive range of tractors for farms of all types and sizes.

Massey Ferguson tractors offer performance, comfort and uncompromising quality.

Efficient, reliable engines using the latest technology work with sophisticated yet user-friendly transmissions to meet the farmer’s needs and get the most out of a wide range of implements, while keeping running costs to the minimum.

Seeders & Planters

Massey Ferguson offers precise, flexible planters for a wide range of crops.

Placing seeds in the soil with the utmost accuracy to ensure optimum germination and the best possible yields, Massey Ferguson planters are easy to calibrate and control.

Robust designs mean that they will last for many seasons and work in the most demanding conditions, giving cost effective establishment.