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Introducing the Massey Ferguson S Series

Massey Ferguson 8700 S Series

Massey Ferguson introduces the S Series, a new range of tractors available across French built tractors in the 100-370 horsepower range. This exciting range offers farmers a sophisictaed tractor built around comfort, efficiency and safety.

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of the S Series tractors available across all French built models from 100-370 horsepower. S Series tractors comprise of a host of features that improve comfort, efficiency and safety. Massey Ferguson Product Manager John Horan explains “Massey Ferguson is continuing to invest in developing and introducing new equipment to help customers enhance efficiency and economy”.

The Massey Ferguson S Series range has everything you would expect from a premium quality, European built tractor including a stylish design. Featuring a distinct new look with a new bonnet design, decals and headlights to complement the progressive machine range.

Ease of use is at the heart of the new S Series and with the Fieldstar 5 Touch-screen Isobar terminal this is easier than ever. The stand alone terminal combines the ease of use and touch screen convenience of a tablet with powerful precision farming features. Understanding that modern farming is driven by precision, the Fieldstar 5 Precision Farming package is fitted with a suite of applications including mapping, automatic section control, variable rate applications, record keeping and comprehensive machinery monitoring with telemetry.

With four ranges on offer, there is something for every type of farmer. Range highlights include:

MF 5700 S Series

The MF 5700 S is simply the perfect all rounder offering between 100 and 130 horsepower. Features such as a simple and easy suspension with front axle suspension make for a comfortable ride. Dyna transmission offers farmers pedal-free operation helping combat operator fatigue as well as providing an auto drive option.

MF 6700 S Series

The MF 6700 S Series offers up to 175 horsepower – the highest performance of any four cylinder tractor on the market today. What the MF 6700 S Series does is offer farmers the features and equipment you might usually expect to find on really high horsepower models but packed into a compact format.

MF 7700 S Series

Built with the commercial farmer in mind, the MF 7700 S Series offers a range of models between 165-280 horsepower. The MF 7700 S Series is built for farmers who know how crucial the right machine for their farm is. Featuring efficient drive lines, low fuel consumption and long service intervals this tractor is built to help make your farming business more profitable.

MF 8700 S Series

The most powerful tractor of the S Series, it is designed to captivate you from the start. The MF 8700 S Series is the perfect choice for precision farming delivering up to 370 horse power. Active Mechanical Suspension is introduced for the 8700 S Series, offering Continuous Damping Control (CDC) allowing for ultimate comfort on the road and in the field. Reducing heave/ pitch and roll movements allows for reactions according to vehicle behaviour.  

The Massey Ferguson S Series is an exciting addition to the lineup of tractors available across Australia and New Zealand. As Product Manager John Horan summarises “These tractors represent everything that’s best in super comfort, straightforward engineering, stylish looks and solid service back-up – all in support of smart, sustainable farming”.

For more information contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer.