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Fixed Chamber

Key features

  • Pick-up width
    2.00 /
  • Recommended tractor
    70 HP
  • Bale Diameter
    Bale chamber width
  • Mechanical chamber
    Varionet net


Model Feeder or Cutter options Bale chamber volume (m3) Approximate weight (kg)
MF RB 3130F Feeder Rotor 1.50 3,000
MF RB 3130F Xtracut Hydroflexcontrol, Xtracut 17 or 25 1.50 3,200
MF RB 3130F Protec Hydroflexcontrol, Xtracut 17 or 25 1.50 5,990

MF RB 3130F Protec

This baler/wrapper combination unit combines the benefits of the MF fixed chamber balers with the addition of an integrated wrapper device for fast, efficient baling and wrapping.

The Protec combination unit is mounted on a fixed chassis, with an 8 degree pitch to the rear which allows the pickup to be very effective in lifting the crop up, but also to allow the baler to deliver the bale onto the wrapping table easily.

Two active guiding plates on both sides of the baler direct the bale to the centre of the wrapper plate, for a faster and more secure transfer cycle. The unique slope transfer mode allows for the transfer arm to move more slowly while the wrapper ring is lifted higher to receive the bale, ensuring that it is securely delivered to the wrapper.

The wrapper table is lowered for unloading, minimizing bale rolling speed, preventing film damage and maintaining the ideal bale shape.


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