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Massey Ferguson's new specialised range

Massey Ferguson 3700 Series

Massey Ferguson introduces the new MF 3700 Series, offering the perfect range of tractors for horticulture, viticulture and other specialist applications.

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of the new specialist MF 3700 Series to the Australian and New Zealand market. This specialist range of tractors designed by highly skilled engineers are ideal for those farming on vineyards, fruit orchards or hill farmers. 

As Massey Ferguson Product Manager John Horan explains “Farmers whose high value crops and challenging terrain present additional demands will benefit from even higher levels of specification, which can be tailored to meet their individual requirements”.

Offering a range of tractors in the 75-105 horsepower range, the MF 3700 Series is equipped for optimal performance that does not compromise on comfort and versatility. The philosophy behind the MF 3700 range is simple, it’s designed to fulfil any need and with numerous combinations available there is something for every specialised farmer.

There are five key models available as part of the MF 3700 range: Vineyard, Specialist, Fruit, Ground Effect, and Wide Fruit.

  • The Vineyard version may be small in size but it’s high in performance. This version is the narrowest in the MF 3700 Series with a minimum width of 1000mm meaning it can fit in the tightest of vineyards
  • The Special version is a special tractor built for special applications. It has been designed to work in wider vineyards with a larger inter-row distance thanks to the minimum width of 1030mm
  • The Ground Effect version offers farmers a tractor with an extremely low overall height (1070mm when fitted with 24 inch tyres) meaning that farmers can work comfortably in tunnel crops
  • The Fruit version is designed to suit fruit and orchard activities. Built upon wide axels, this version is ideal for crops grown in regimented rows and doesn’t sacrifice on maneuverability and is also aided by its compact power unit so damage to tender foliage or fruit doesn’t occur
  •  The Wide Fruit version is the tailor made solution for mixed or dairy farms, especially those in challenging hilly conditions where safety is paramount.
The MF 3700 Series comes with a powerful four-cylinder, stage 3B engine with increased hydraulic flow with a fully integrated factory-fitted  front linkage, PTO and front loader framer, slowing a wider range of specialist implements to be utilised.

The MF 3700 has been lauded internationally for its design, taking out a Silver Leaf award at Italy’s Fieragricola Innovation Awards 2018 for the machine’s front-axle suspension and new multifunction hydraulic joystick which groups the clutch, transmission and implement functions into one easy control.

Unlike other specialised tractors, the MF 3700 offers farmers and spacious and comfortable experience. 

Controls are easy to locate and equally as import they are easy to use. Telescopic steering comes as standard, with a fixed steering wheel as optional and both have the added option of additional tilting – all of these features on offer to maximise driver comfort.

The MF 3700 Series is the tractor every specialist farmer has been asking for and with five variants available across the Australian and New Zealand markets, there is something in the new MF 3700 Series for every specialised farmer.

For more information on the new Massey Ferguson 3700 Series click here

Farmers whose high value crops and challenging terrain present additional demands will benefit from even higher levels of specification, which can be tailored to meet their individual requirements